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Abhilasha (Principal)



Principal’s Message

DCS has always believed in the philosophy mentioned above lines. Here, we provide an environment where the inherent curiosity and inquisitiveness of children is encouraged. This will help them in developing their own thinking skills and logical reasoning. In this way, the educational experience becomes more enjoyable and lasting.

At DCS, we focus on the latent talent of each child and create ways to discover it. With this individualistic approach, each student is groomed to transform into a holistic personality who not only has strong academic skills but also has creative skills that help in his overall development. Such integrated training of children helps them to excel in the dynamic environment of the modern times.

I feel a great sense of pride when I see the efforts of my team of facilitators who act not only as academic guides but also mentors and inculcate life skills in the students. Nurturing a whole generation of technically advanced, cultured and emotionally sound children, the faculty works with great enthusiasm and perseverance.

With this methodology, I judge that the educational journey of our students has become more enjoyable, fulfilling and meaningful.

The future holds great possibilities if the present is well taken care of. We at DCS, take care of the numerous aspects of development of a child. From hard work, perseverance, consistency to time management, respecting self and others, we teach them life skills along with academic knowledge and creative abilities.

This integral approach is continuously showing results with our children excelling in various fields and receiving accolades in several arenas. Celebrating their success, we appreciate and award our students who have made us proud throughout the years in academics, sports, arts and other creative fields.

Moving steadily on the path of success and growth, the journey so far has been memorable and with development taking place at every moment, we hope it gets better every day.

It is my pleasure to lead such an enthusiastic and dedicated team and wonderful students who make DCS what it stands for – and believes in –

"Bringing out Human Potential with Holistic Education"