Why DCS ?

DCS is not only committed to make its students comprehend the subject matter but also help them be critical thinkers and Global citizens knowing their responsibility towards the world as a community. It is truly a place where children are intrinsically motivated to learn more. To equip our students to keep pace with the global scenario in education, our school is constantly upgrading the learning process Students learn to appreciate and develop skill of inter-cultural communication, creative thinking and expression and communication.

Knowledge becomes wisdom only after it has been put to practical use.

The most effective method of learning is to put knowledge into action and practice. Practical experience is a great way to learn theoretical concepts. Exploring, probing and experimenting help students to find the facts of life, discover the real truths behind the scenes.

This practical application is made easily possible in laboratories where children can solve problems and get a first-hand experience about scientific theories and facts. Allowing hands-on verification of concepts, laws and reactions, these neatly arranged labs provide in-depth knowledge of the subjects and help students to learn through observation and analysis.

In case, a child is already taking some medicines, the school must be informed about any change in medication being taken by the student or medical condition of the child so that it has updated information if a crisis occurs. Parents are immediately informed in case of medical conditions requiring attention by the Medical In-charge. Regular medical and health checkups are organized for the students and their medical records are maintained by the school. Parents and students are regularly guided about various health issues, life style problems, diet and stress management.

They are also educated for improving their immunity and food habits for healthy living.

The Music Room at Delhi convent School is well equipped to allow the students to tap their talent and acquire skills in this field. Providing access to all types of musical instruments, the children learn about different aspects of the music Attending the music classes, the students also learn to play music in groups, as a result of which they adapt social skills such as coordination becoming more confident and smart. As the children take valuable lessons in Music, they are enriched by the vast treasure of music and take home beautiful memories to cherish.

The DCS Art Room is always bustling with activity. it is a great place for students who learn to master various art forms and express their ideas and emotions on plain canvas or through different crafts. Using their artistic skills they use brushes, colours, paper, scissors and everything that is required to give wings to their imagination.

Well lit with large windows, apt ventilation and natural light the Art room is suitable to stimulate the artist within the students and stir their creativity.


Strict guidelines and all safety norms are followed for the safety of the children in these buses. The staff in the buses is trained for all type of contingencies and ensures implementation of the safety standards. The staff is provided with a mobile phone in each of the buses for effective and easy communication especially at the time of emergency. The students are also expected to maintain discipline in the bus and reach the stop 5-10 minutes before the arrival time of the bus to ensure smooth plying and punctuality of services. The facilitators present in the bus take attendance of students both in the morning and afternoon and ensure safety measures and discipline in the bus.


The security of the students is a prime concern of the school. The school offers a safe and secure environment with CC TV cameras on every floor and security guards from a renowned agency to keep the children well guarded all the time.